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Can you vacuum a hardwood floor? Should you mop a carpet floor? When can you use a steamer? Will a broom work as good on carpet? What all do I even really need? All of these are valid questions, and ones that everyone should know the answer to before they live by themselves. Luckily, I have found a one stop spot for cleaning questions, If you haven’t heard of Mr. Cleaning, you’re missing out on a great resource.

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a site dedicated to cleaning and cleaning supplies. I’m going to give you a very brief overview of when to use which supplies, but for more in depth info and product recommendations, you’ll have to check out Mr. Cleaning.


Vacuums are a great tool, especially for picking up small debris, that come in endless variations. There are upright ones, cordless ones, handheld ones, swivel ones, ones designed specifically for pet hair, and more. All the choices can definitely be overwhelming, but narrowing it down can certainly help.

Another great thing about vacuums is that you can use them on any floor type. For the longest times I thought you could only use vacuums on carpet, but I was totally wrong. Vacuums work just as well on hardwood flooring, and they are usually your best option for getting dirt and debris out of the small cracks and crevices. However, if you have an upright vacuum cleaner, it is best to turn off the spinning brushes before you use it. The high speed spinning brushes may scratch or damage your beautiful hardwood floor.


Mops are another great tool, but unlike vacuums, you cannot use them on any type of floor. Well, I guess you could, but you wouldn’t have much luck trying to mop a carpet. Instead, stick to hardwood and tile floors when it comes to mopping.

Some people argue mopping is better than vacuuming, but I say it all depends on what vacuum and mop you’re comparing. Of course, there are some mops that are better than some vacuums, and vice versa. In my experience, vacuums tend to be faster, so it’s what I do more. But I know people who only mop and never vacuum, so to each his own.


Steamers can be used in conjunction with other cleaning tools since you won’t want to steam your floors every time you clean them. Steamers are meant for a deeper clean and definitely isn’t something you have to or should do every day. There are specific steamers for carpet floors and hardwood floors, so make sure you get one that works for what you have.

Steamers are not absolutely required, but they can be extremely helpful, especially with kid and pet stains. I am always amazed whenever I steam my floors because it gets out so much dirt that I didn’t even know was there.


Ah, brooms, one of the oldest cleaning supplies there are. Brooms have stood the test of time for good reason, they are reliable. It takes a very long time to wear a broom out and they do a great job of picking up big and small debris. Of course, now there are all different types of brooms. There are soft brooms, hard brooms, angle brooms, push brooms, hand brooms, and more. Different brooms are good for different types of messes, but in the end, they all do pretty much the same thing.

If there was one thing on this list that I think everyone should have, it’s definitely a broom. Not only are they the least expensive option, they are arguably the easiest to use and the most versatile option as well. The biggest drawback is that brooms cannot get a deep clean like some of the other tools can.

As I said earlier, to get a better look at and understanding of these things, check out Mr. Cleaning. You’ll be able to find a tell types of things, including easy to follow tutorials, helpful buying guides, and informative product reviews. You’ll also find direct links to several great products for your consideration.

October 12th, 2017

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