If you are a man or woman that is going through the experience of baldness, there are several options to explore in trying to stimulate your hair growth again. The first step for most people is usually to use a topical medication like Rogaine or a pill like Propecia. If they start those types of treatments too late though, they may have to think about getting a surgical procedure like a micro-graft procedure to get that full head of hair back.

Eligibility For Surgery

Not everyone is eligible for this treatment and you will have to go through some initial screening to see if you fit the criteria for eligibility. Patients who suffer from bleeding disorders or have shown the inability for a wound to properly heal are among those that will not be able to partake in this procedure.

Preparing For The Procedure

The first thing that will be done is to locate a spot on the back of the head that is now susceptible to balding. Once the doctors have that area isolated, they will prep the area by trimming the hair and anesthetizing the spot for removal. The area of removal is then injected with a saline solution to make removal easier. Once the removal has occurred, the doctors will suture the area and comb the covering hair over and it will not be detectable.

The grafts are then prepared to be placed in the front portion of the head where the balding spot is at. The will make an incision and begin to place all of the micro-grafts in place. This is a series of placements of the sections that were removed in 1 amp;2 and 3 amp;4 hair follicle sections. There will literally be hundreds of small incisions where these are placed.

It actually sounds a lot scarier than it is as this is usually an out-patient process. While the area that has received the grafts will be initially a little red, the patient will feel very little discomfort and the area will usually heal in about 7-10 days. From that point forward, they should enjoy normal hair growth in the area of the transplant.

Micro-Graft Procedure

The micro-graft procedure has made great strides and is actually very impressive. You no longer have to worry about people pointing and laughing about hair plugs. This procedure is very advanced and more importantly, is very effective as a hair loss treatment to cure your baldness.

If you’re looking for an alternative to hair loss surgery, get the facts the alternatives available to you.

July 31st, 2017

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