International Center for Bioethics Culture and Disability

My World Council of Churches book

"The triangle of new and emerging technologies, disabled people and the World Council ofChurches; Able-ism: A prerequisite for transhumanism"

is now online.

You can download it below as

Word Version

PDF version

Or from the World Council of Churches webpage

If the link does not work go here and look for the piece

or go through the webpage from the beginning

click on Programmes

then click on Justice, Diakonia and Responsibility for Creation

and then on Faith, science and technology

.Also although the intro states that its not an official WCC publication it was Peer Reviewed by two reviewers which were selected by the WCC staff member involved in the process.


More on the topic by me

Wolbring (2006) Nanotechnologie, Behinderte und der ÖRK in Ökumenische Rundschau  October 2006 55. Jahrgang Heft 4 page 412-424.  





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