After spending many hours seating in your office chair, you might experience some back pain. Poor body posture puts a strain on your spinal cord, and this can cause discomfort on your back. The solution is getting yourself a back brace.

Many people assume that these products are only recommended for people who do workouts but you can choose one if you are experiencing back pains. The best part about a pair of back braces is that they are easy to fit and use. They are also affordable, and this saves you the money you would have spent on prescription medications and surgery.

Getting the right back brace is not a simple task. You will first need to figure out where the pain is concentrated. Do you need one for your lower back or is the pain concentrated in the shoulders and mid chest regions? The material used also plays a factor in the type of back brace that you purchase. Since you are going to be wearing this brace for long periods of time, then you need something that is absorbent, comfortable and easy to clean. We understand that there are various types of back braces in the market and making the right choice can be a challenge – especially when you have never worn one. That is why we have come up with this informative guide.

Terry, our lead blogger, has been a physiotherapist for the last five years. She began doing physiotherapy after her son suffered a car accident and needed specialized care for spinal injuries. She decided to study physiotherapy to not only help her son but also help other people suffering from back problems. She has established her own fitness center that allows healing from spinal, and hip injuries. She is a contributor to our blog, and her insights are highly valuable.

Getting the right information will significantly influence your purchase when it comes to back braces. The only problem is that the internet has a lot of information and sieving through what is relevant can be a daunting task. You do not want to purchase a product that you dispose off after a few hours because it is uncomfortable. We have done the groundwork for you by experimenting on various back braces in the market. We have keenly looked at the materials used, price and how long lasting the products are. This means that the products that we recommend are the best in the market. We hope you will enjoy reading through our guides and that you will make an informed decision.