Icy Hot Arthritis Gel Product Review

Pain due to arthritis can be difficult to relieve. There are a number of products available, which are intended to relieve aches associated with arthritis. Some are effective. On the other hand, certain over-the-counter medications are not very powerful, or too powerful. Considering the latter, strong painkillers may result in drowsiness, excitability, and so forth. If suffering from arthritis pain on a daily basis, you may prefer not to pop pills every day. Besides, painkillers can interfere with the effectiveness of other prescription drugs. For this matter, you might consider another alternative such as Icy Hot Arthritis Gel.

Icy Hot Arthritis GelFor years I have suffered from moderate arthritis pain in my knees and upper back. I’ve tried every possible treatment from heating pads, ice packs, and over-the-counter painkillers such as Tylenol, Advil, BC Powder, etc. During the winter months when pain intensifies, I would take medication three or four times a day. Naturally, my body became unaffected by the drug, and after a few weeks, they were no longer effective with easing discomfort. When this occurred, I had to seek other alternatives. Rather than taking medication, I decided to begin using a topical gel or cream purposed to help with arthritis. When the heating pad was used in the past, the results were amazing. Unfortunately, the pain would return within a few hours. Nonetheless, I decided to give Icy Hot Arthritis Gel a try.

Initially, I was a little nervous because some pain relieving gels are extremely intense with a strong odor. Icy Hot Arthritis gel did have a smell. However, once the gel was applied, I quickly adjusted to the smell. Icy Hot is first cool, and then gradually warms to provide heat therapy. To prevent staining clothes, I only apply the gel at night or while resting at home, and wear an old t-shirt as the gel relieves pain. The relief was almost instantaneous.

After using Icy Hot Arthritis Gel for a couple of days, there was a noticeable pain decrease. Now, I only use the gel when necessary. Since the arrival of summer, I use the gel more often because the air conditioning causes my back and knees to stiffen. Once the gel penetrates the skin, muscles spasms and pain cease, and I can move about freely with little discomfort. If the pain becomes intense, I use Icy Hot along with an oral painkiller. Fortunately, this is rare. This topical medication really works and is well worth the costs.

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