Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap Review

There’s been a lot of news lately about the chemicals and manmade ingredients that can be found in our personal care products. And though experts are still uncertain about the health risks – if any – of these ingredients, I prefer to use natural products whenever possible.

Since bath soap is one item that I use on a daily basis (as does the rest of my family), it’s especially important to me that this particular product be free of any potentially hazardous chemicals.

However, “natural” soaps are often very expensive – sometimes costing as much as $8 for a standard size bar.

Kiss My Face, on the other hand, manufactures natural soaps for a fairly low cost. Their olive oil soaps are one of their most popular lines.

About the product

Kiss My Face Naked Pure Olive OilBars of Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap come in a variety of sizes. There are only three ingredients on the package: saponified olive oil, water and sodium chloride. The company claims that the soap contains no animal ingredients and was not tested on animals.

The package is a plain paper wrapper.

Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap also contains no artificial colors. The soap itself is a deep olive green color that’s a bit unusual if you’re used to pretty pink or white soap.


Kiss My Face Naked Pure Olive OilIf you’re used to fresh-scented soaps, the scent of Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap might be unpleasant to your nose. Rather than smelling artificially fresh, it’s reminiscent of olive oil (which seems natural, given the ingredients). For folks who like to scent their bodies with soap, this is probably not the best choice for you. I actually found it mildly unpleasant, but not so unpleasant that the scent alone would be enough to keep me from using it.

Despite repeated, persistent attempts, I was unable to get this soap to lather adequately. Although it does provide very small bubbles, there’s none of the large, luxurious suds that usually accompany a whole-hearted effort to generate lather. I’ve read that the friction created by lather is what removes dirt and germs, and I have to wonder if this soap would do an adequate job of cleansing someone who was really dirty.

This soap also had a tendency to become a gummy mass after spending a few days in the shower. Although we never left it in a pile of water – it was left in the soap holder like all our other soaps – Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap ended up soft and gooey within just a few days. Moreover, after the bar is about halfway gone, a slime seems to cover the surface and drip into your hand whenever you pick up the soap.


Despite its downsides, I continue to purchase Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Soap because it’s the least expensive all-natural soap available to me at this time. However, I am always looking for a suitable replacement. Aside from the price and the lack of chemicals, there’s very little I like about this soap.

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