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Can you vacuum a hardwood floor? Should you mop a carpet floor? When can you use a steamer? Will a broom work as good on carpet? What all do I even really need? All of these are valid questions, and ones that everyone should know the answer to before they live by themselves. Luckily, I have found a one stop spot for cleaning questions, If you haven’t heard of Mr. Cleaning, you’re missing out on a great resource.

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a site dedicated to cleaning and cleaning supplies. I’m going to give you a very brief overview of when to use which supplies, but for more in depth info and product recommendations, you’ll have to check out Mr. Cleaning.


Vacuums are a great tool, especially for picking up small debris, that come in endless variations. There are upright ones, cordless ones, handheld ones, swivel ones, ones designed specifically for pet hair, and more. All the choices can definitely be overwhelming, but narrowing it down can certainly help.

Another great thing about vacuums is that you can use them on any floor type. For the longest times I thought you could only use vacuums on carpet, but I was totally wrong. Vacuums work just as well on hardwood flooring, and they are usually your best option for getting dirt and debris out of the small cracks and crevices. However, if you have an upright vacuum cleaner, it is best to turn off the spinning brushes before you use it. The high speed spinning brushes may scratch or damage your beautiful hardwood floor.


Mops are another great tool, but unlike vacuums, you cannot use them on any type of floor. Well, I guess you could, but you wouldn’t have much luck trying to mop a carpet. Instead, stick to hardwood and tile floors when it comes to mopping.

Some people argue mopping is better than vacuuming, but I say it all depends on what vacuum and mop you’re comparing. Of course, there are some mops that are better than some vacuums, and vice versa. In my experience, vacuums tend to be faster, so it’s what I do more. But I know people who only mop and never vacuum, so to each his own.


Steamers can be used in conjunction with other cleaning tools since you won’t want to steam your floors every time you clean them. Steamers are meant for a deeper clean and definitely isn’t something you have to or should do every day. There are specific steamers for carpet floors and hardwood floors, so make sure you get one that works for what you have.

Steamers are not absolutely required, but they can be extremely helpful, especially with kid and pet stains. I am always amazed whenever I steam my floors because it gets out so much dirt that I didn’t even know was there.


Ah, brooms, one of the oldest cleaning supplies there are. Brooms have stood the test of time for good reason, they are reliable. It takes a very long time to wear a broom out and they do a great job of picking up big and small debris. Of course, now there are all different types of brooms. There are soft brooms, hard brooms, angle brooms, push brooms, hand brooms, and more. Different brooms are good for different types of messes, but in the end, they all do pretty much the same thing.

If there was one thing on this list that I think everyone should have, it’s definitely a broom. Not only are they the least expensive option, they are arguably the easiest to use and the most versatile option as well. The biggest drawback is that brooms cannot get a deep clean like some of the other tools can.

As I said earlier, to get a better look at and understanding of these things, check out Mr. Cleaning. You’ll be able to find a tell types of things, including easy to follow tutorials, helpful buying guides, and informative product reviews. You’ll also find direct links to several great products for your consideration.

October 12th, 2017

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You’ve probably seen a plethora of products around the web geared towards men’s hair loss, but you should know that they exist for a good reason: hair loss in men is prevalent, and there are a ton of common reasons behind this unfortunate event. Some of these reasons are so basic, that men don’t know they are the culprit behind the lack of hair. While not all of the reasons deal directly with the gene pool, there are ways to can prevent hair loss when you pinpoint the reasoning.

Before we get started, note the following

  • It’s been said that 70% of those that are suffering from moderate to severe baldness end up with a much higher risk of a cardiovascular disease – always look at your family’s health history and get your own checked.
  • Baldness may actually be a clinical indicator of prostate cancer – don’t freak out though, as you’re not guaranteed to get it, but there has been common linkage between the two.

Now, let’s look at common reasons why hair loss can happen instead of automatically ruling that you have cancer or a heart problem.

Training too much at the gym? There’s your problem

If you’ve been seeing an increase in your baldness after hitting the gym and getting in shape, that may be your issue. While fitness keeps you healthy, resistance training, especially high-resistance, causes an increase in your testosterone. While it’s awesome for your fitness goals and workouts, it’s not the best, as DHT will end up ruining your hair follicles.

Using HRT to promote muscle gain? Think again

While hormone replacement therapy is great for those that actually need it, using it to encourage your sex drive or promote muscle gain may actually be working against your favor. If you have a history of male pattern baldness in your family, you’re only adding ammunition to the gun of hair loss when using hormone replacement therapy.

Have an inflamed scalp? Your hair loss issue may be easy to solve

Those that suffer from scalp inflammation could be disabling their hair from growing due to their hair follicles not being healthy. When this happens, your roots become clogged and will further encourage itchiness, which relates directly to inflammation and becomes a never-ending cycle that interrupts your hair growth.

Autoimmune disorders don’t only attack your immune system

Unfortunately, those that suffer from auto immune disorders may see an increase in their baldness. Whether male or female, diseases like alopecia can attack the follicles of your hair which disrupt the growth of cells and tissues. The production of hair, and fibers in the hair are interrupted because of this autoimmune disease. While there aren’t total cures, there are things to help encourage hair growth when your body doesn’t want to do it on its own.

Smoking doesn’t necessarily help your case, either

You should know by now that smoking doesn’t promote anything healthy within your body and hair growth isn’t excluded from this. When you smoke, the blood vessels within the skin become dehydrated and starved, leaving the most imperative nutrients to waste away. In the case of this, toxins then take their place and can disrupt hair growth entirely.

You aren’t sleeping enough! (Haven’t we all said that to ourselves?)

We know you’re tired of hearing this next one, but a lack of sleep may be encouraging your hair to stop growing. They need their beauty rest, too! When your biological clock has a disruption of sorts, your hair follicles can suffer from this and create a stump in growth. There are ways to help encourage your hair growth when your schedule isn’t on point, and that’s the usage of platelet rich plasma.

The Conclusion

While these aren’t the only things stumping your hair growth, you should know that these are some of the primary culprits. Your eating habits may be an issue as well as many others. As GroomingAdepts said on their website, the world of hair growth isn’t black and white – even if your hair is. When you pinpoint the culprit and address unhealthy areas of your life, you’re able to encourage hair growth once again and become a Fabio-like hair icon.

September 7th, 2017

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If you are a man or woman that is going through the experience of baldness, there are several options to explore in trying to stimulate your hair growth again. The first step for most people is usually to use a topical medication like Rogaine or a pill like Propecia. If they start those types of treatments too late though, they may have to think about getting a surgical procedure like a micro-graft procedure to get that full head of hair back.

Eligibility For Surgery

Not everyone is eligible for this treatment and you will have to go through some initial screening to see if you fit the criteria for eligibility. Patients who suffer from bleeding disorders or have shown the inability for a wound to properly heal are among those that will not be able to partake in this procedure.

Preparing For The Procedure

The first thing that will be done is to locate a spot on the back of the head that is now susceptible to balding. Once the doctors have that area isolated, they will prep the area by trimming the hair and anesthetizing the spot for removal. The area of removal is then injected with a saline solution to make removal easier. Once the removal has occurred, the doctors will suture the area and comb the covering hair over and it will not be detectable.

The grafts are then prepared to be placed in the front portion of the head where the balding spot is at. The will make an incision and begin to place all of the micro-grafts in place. This is a series of placements of the sections that were removed in 1 amp;2 and 3 amp;4 hair follicle sections. There will literally be hundreds of small incisions where these are placed.

It actually sounds a lot scarier than it is as this is usually an out-patient process. While the area that has received the grafts will be initially a little red, the patient will feel very little discomfort and the area will usually heal in about 7-10 days. From that point forward, they should enjoy normal hair growth in the area of the transplant.

Micro-Graft Procedure

The micro-graft procedure has made great strides and is actually very impressive. You no longer have to worry about people pointing and laughing about hair plugs. This procedure is very advanced and more importantly, is very effective as a hair loss treatment to cure your baldness.

If you’re looking for an alternative to hair loss surgery, get the facts the alternatives available to you.

July 31st, 2017

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